Aceros Urola


We manufacture and sell food processors, items for vacuum sealing and kitchenware under the prestigious brand Elma.

Since 1924, we have been preserving the traditions of our generation, adapting our products to today's technology.

Fruit of our effort, Elma has been recognised for the quality and service we have been offering all these years. Our products are aimed at both companies and the home, offering the same quality to food professionals and people seeking the best for their home.

Beneficio Tecnológico Udom

Technological benefit

Continually modernising, we innovate to extend our range of products and always offer maximum quality with technology adapted to current times. We are pioneers in vacuum sealing systems, backed by over 30 years of know-how.

Nuestro valor Udom

Our value

Our company's success is due to values that have been developed and put into practice over the years: tradition, quality, honesty, customer orientation, durability and respect for the environment.

Because we have a deep knowledge of the sector drawn from our years of experience, we can guarantee the quality of our products and offer an excellent after-sales service.

ELMA Quality

Thanks to our over 80 years' experience in the sector, we can guarantee the highest quality in everything we provide. For this reason we also make our after-sales service available to you:


    Technical Assistance Service

    Where you will find the spare parts and services necessary to always keep your products fine-tuned.


    Post-sales service

    By using this e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can get in touch with us to clarify any doubts and get the best performance out of our products.

  • FER

    Guarantee service

    Our products are guaranteed for a period of 2 years in the event of manufacturing or design defects. We promise to act as soon as possible to correct any incidence.


In our catalogue you will find products for your kitchen, solutions to help you process foods, vacuum seal, cook foods and of course, everything you need to continue enjoying the charcuterie tradition.