We are one of the most significant European groups in the recycling of complex solid materials. Our technical teams are specialised in the recovery of metals, casting and aluminium refining.

We carry out activities such as: integral management of industrial waste, treatment of ELV, recycling of WEEE, recovery of all types of electric motors, recycling of fragmented metals, recycling of fragmented metals from ELV, recovery of electric cable and aluminium refining.


We have latest-generation classification systems that mean we can completely valorise the ferric and non-ferric raw materials managed. Thanks to our separation capabilities, we make it possible to recycle even the smallest metallic particle.

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Deydesa Fluff

The new fluff management Deydesa facility recycles hard-to-recover waste that conventional waste management systems would send straight on to the disposal stage.

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We are a leading a company in the recovery of ferric and non-ferric metals. We treat all types of waste regardless of composition and origin, and are specialists in the recycling of waste containing copper and the recovery of metals containing non-ferric metals.

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We specialise in recycling cables and electrical and electronic components containing copper and aluminium We have high yield production systems that enable us to make use of all copper and aluminium treated.

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The Refial plant is the result of the incorporation of the most innovative treatment technology in the valorisation of aluminium. We concentrate our activity on the production of aluminium alloys, adapting to our customers' specifications.

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We recover salt slag generated as part of the aluminium recycling process. We use our own technology to recycle aluminium with Zero Waste.

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Deydesa Landfill

High-capacity infrastrucutre located in Igorre (Biscay) for management of non-hazardous industrial waste produced by our recycling work for third-party companies.

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European list of waste (ELW) authorised for the Otua Group