Reydesa Recycling

We are a leading a company in the recovery of ferric and non-ferric metals. We provide a versatile service for managing a wide range of metal waste; our specialization is copper recovery. Our infrastructure allows us to process all kinds of waste, regardless of its origin or composition.

At our facilities covering 70,000 m2 we have the most technologically advanced production equipment, which enables us to effectively manage a wide range of complex waste. In addition, we process and decontaminate WEEE and ELV.

We have numerous, complementary process facilities, with the aim of offering a wide-reaching versatility when recycling complex solid waste.

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Technological benefit

The benefits of our technological nature are felt at all levels. Our suppliers benefit from an efficient, comprehensive industrial service, with the advantage that a single representative provides solutions for all their waste.

We offer a full, integral service in all phases of recycling, from the collection and evaluation of the waste to its recovery.


Our value

Our recycling activity, based on processes using advanced technology, allows us to provide a solution for the waste generated by society, preventing the emission of contaminants and preserving the natural resources of the planet.



Recycling waste containing copper

We specialise in the recovery of copper contained in complex metal waste. At our facilities we process waste from multiple sources:

  • Electrical motors.
  • Shelmo (shredded armatures).
  • Armatures.
  • TV yolks.
  • Electricity meters.
  • WEEE.

Decontamination of WEEE

Waste electrical and electronic equipment is a great source of raw materials. We have efficient decontamination lines, with the aim of ensuring WEEE is recycled safely and obtaining high quality non-ferric metals.

  • White Line (washing machines, ovens…).
  • Brown Line (TV screens…).
  • Grey Line (computers…).
  • Mobile and landline telephones.
  • Small electrical and electronic equipment.

Recycling metals containing non-ferric metals

Through several separation systems, we offer the recuperation of materials with complex solid contents. The most common forms of procurement are:

  • Shredded metals.
  • Complex tares.
  • Motor blocks.

End of Life Vehicles

We manage the decontamination of End Of Life Vehicles. We are an ELV Authorised Treatment Centre (ATC).

Thus, decontaminated vehicles are processed at our recycling facilities, becoming a source of several raw materials.


Raw materials obtained

30 years of experience and exhaustive technical means of recovery enable us to recover all of the metal contained in the materials processed. Through avant-garde industrial processes, we obtain a range of maximum-purity products:

  • Aluminium.
  • Copper.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Shredded steel from 0 to 80 mm.
  • Copper granules.
  • Shot with precious metals.
  • Heavy metals.

Quality certificates Deydesa Recycling

  • Certificado
  • Certificado

The Integrated Management System Policy on quality and the environment is available to interested parties who request it.

  • Weeelabex
  • WEEELABEX is a European certification to assess conformity to the EN 50625-standards and evaluates the processing and disposal of WEEE. It also assesses the de-pollution process and downstream-process for secondary treatment. It specifically provides a common and harmonised set of European standards with respect to collection, handling, storage, recycling, preparation for re-use and disposal of WEEE. This standard also demonstrates compliance with EU health, safety and environmental legislation.