Our company specialises in recovering salt slag generated in the aluminium recycling process. We use our own technology to provide a “green” solution and offer a comprehensive service for managing the waste generated by the secondary smelting process at aluminium refineries.

Our recycling process is based on classifying the different components of salt slag so that each one can be reused individually. This enables us to optimise aluminium recycling efficiency in an environmentally-friendly way.

Salt slag is fully recovered and recycled at our cutting-edge facilities, and each component is sent on so that it can be used to create new products and processes.

Salt slag recycling diagram

Technological benefit

Our technology and cutting-edge facilities enable us to manage salt slag, a highly complex industrial waste product. This in turn allows us to enhance the Otua Group's recycling business, improving its industrial added value.

This technological innovation means we can help our suppliers to recover their waste more efficiently and ecologically. We also help third-party refinery sector companies process slag produced by their activity.

Our value

When we recover slag, we are not just recycling a highly complex waste product; we are also ensuring that all its different components are used, thereby encouraging sustainable industrial development.

All our technical equipment is optimised with clean technology to reduce polluting emissions and help conserve natural resources.


Resal recycles salt slag from the following industrial processes:

  • Secondary smelting ovens.
  • Suction filter dust.

Materials obtained

We obtain raw materials from the salt slag recovery process, which are then used in industrial processes:

  • Recovered aluminium concentrate can be used in aluminium refining processes.
  • Recycled salt is reused at refineries as a fluxing agent in rotary furnaces, reducing oxidation of the aluminium inside the furnace.
  • Metal oxides are reused by the construction sector subsidiary industry.