Zabor Recycling

In Zabor Recycling we specialise in recycling cables and electrical and electronic components containing copper and aluminium. We have high yield production systems that enable us to make use of all copper and aluminium treated.

Our industrial processes are based on cutting edge shredding and separation lines. Our classification technology is capable of detecting and separating even the smallest metal particle, fully valorising the product.

Our industrial nature and our experience of over 12 years make it possible for us to recycle copper cables effectively with full automation. The result is high value and high quality copper and aluminium shot.

Technological benefit

With cable recycling we provide a response to the comprehensive offer of recycling from the Otua Group, which enables us to obtain a greater valorisation of the raw materials and reinforce our leadership. With our retrieval process we optimise cable recycling, offering our suppliers the management and complete valorisation of the metals contained.

Our value

Copper is a metal that can be completely recycled, fully maintaining its physical and chemical properties and its quality.

By recovering copper, we help preserve natural resources, generating energy savings of up to 85% in comparison with the energy used in the extraction of virgin raw materials.

By recycling copper we avoid the emissions into the atmosphere and greenhouse gases.


We treat all types of cable with external copper wire. At the same time, we recycle the cables coming from the companies in the Otua Group, which enables us to increase the industrial efficiency of our internal processes.

Raw materials obtained

Our recycling plant uses the latest technology available to obtain maximum quality secondary copper and aluminium intended for reintroduction into new productive systems.

  • Aluminium granules.
  • Copper granules.

Quality certificates Zabor Recycling

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  • The Integrated Management System Policy on quality and the environment is available to interested parties who request it.