Deydesa Fluff

Deydesa invests in technology development for its facilities, which include a new waste management line for Fluff, also known as Light Shredder Waste.

The Fluff recycling line is designed to improve recovery ratios using the latest separation technologies of the recycling sector. The new facility uses mechanical processes for exhaustive extraction of low-metal content shredded waste. The recycling process involves high-precision variable magnetic detection systems for detecting and separating the metal fractions in fluff residue.

Technological benefit

The new fluff management Deydesa facility recycles hard-to-recover waste that conventional waste management systems would send straight on to the disposal stage. Consequently, Deydesa has launched a more cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable system.

Los principales beneficios serían:

  • Cost savings: more efficient than landfill.
  • Better recovery ratios for end-of-life vehicle management.
  • Higher calorific value secondary fuels obtained.
  • High quality secondary raw materials obtained.

Deydesa fluff recovery process


One of the biggest competitive advantages of the fluff recycling line is that it effectively manages light shredder waste from scrap vehicles, together with other light suction waste.

This total input use allows us to offer customers the most competitive solution on the market.

Raw materials obtained

This recycling technology recovers a wide variety of materials that can later be recycled back into industrial processes, e.g.

  • Stainless steel.
  • Alumininium.
  • Iron
  • Copper.

High-calorific value RDF (refuse-derived fuel) is also obtained for industrial sectors with a demand for this type of alternative fuel. Lastly, some of the disposal stage materials can be used in construction.

The results of this recycling technology help improve recycling ratios for our customers and suppliers enabling their light shredder waste to be classed as recycled material.

Quality certificates Deydesa 2000

  • Certificado
  • Certificado
  • The Integrated Management System Policy on quality and the environment is available to interested parties who request it.