Resalox Project

Grupo Otua initiates the Resalox project, a new technological research and development project which is encompassed within its strategic line of Innovation to serve the environment.

This project is the result of a joint cooperation between Grupo Otua and Gerdau, two innovative companies from two related sectors (metallic recycling and metallurgy) with the aim of providing value to a secondary raw material.

Participant companies and Research Centres

Resal, a company of the Otua Group dedicated to the treatment of salt slag from the second fusion aluminium refining process, is working together with Gerdau Aceros Especiales Europa, a company dedicated to producing special steels.

The development of this project involves the R&D departments from each of the participating Groups, Fundación Inatec and Gerdau R&D.

  • Grupo Otua
  • Gerdau
  • inatec
Objetivo proyecto resalox


The main aim of the Resalox research project is to provide value to a secondary raw material.

Gráfico proceso  Resalox


The environment wins, we all win.

The potential benefits of this research project will be visible at all levels:

  • Environmental level: a recycled material is introduced into the industrial process, contributing to the conservation of the natural raw materials.
  • Industrial level: improvement of the recycling ratios.
  • Financial level: cost savings.


This research project is supported and financed by CDTI and EEA Grants, two institutions committed to the development of new environmental technologies.

  • CDTI
  • eea grants