Deydesa 2000

At Deydesa 2000 we have state of the art classification systems that make us leaders in the complete valorisation of the ferric and non-ferric raw materials managed.

Our treatment and separation capacity maximises the value of the complex waste treated, thus making it possible to recycle even the smallest metal particles.

Our technical facilities covering 40,000 m2 are specialised in the screening and recovery of metal fractions with a low particle size contained in complex solid waste. We use the latest recycling technology to be able to recover almost 100% of the materials treated.

We specialise in recycling fractions that come from ELV fragmentation, recycling small and complex metals, classification of waste from steel works and separation of clean metal.

Technological benefit

Our industrial efficiency and strength enables us to offer our suppliers a greater valorisation of their waste, increasing the value of the materials managed.

Our value

We use latest-generation recycling technology to valorise waste that with conventional means would not be put to good use. Our technological leadership has benefits in different areas: we prevent waste containing metal being dumped, while caring for the environment by conserving raw materials.



ELV fragmentation

The management of the fractions coming from ELV fragmentation is a complex task as it consists largely of rubber and plastics. Therefore, recycling non-ferric materials requires the use of exhaustive and efficient technological systems.

Through the treatment systems in use at our facilities, we are able to recover 100% of the metals coming from End Of Life Vehicles. We participate in their recycling with the following processes:


Recovery of small, complex metals

At Deydesa 2000 we recover the fractions that due to their particle size and composition would not be recycled by conventional means. We have high yield recycling lines for the recovery of ferric and non-ferric metal fractions of up to 0.1 mm coming from all types of complex materials:

  • Soils with metal content.
  • Shredded waste (fluff).
  • Fines from grinding.
  • Smalls from ELV shredding.
  • Waste from intakes.
  • WEEE.
  • Mix metals.
  • Waste from Foucault currents.
  • Etc.

Classification of waste from steel works

At Deydesa 2000 we have lines for managing the waste coming from steel works.


Clean Metal

To provide greater added value for our suppliers, we offer a clean metal screening service, with a comprehensive process for separating the metals treated.

Raw materials obtained

Our recycling plant is the result of more than 24 years of experience and constant investment in machinery of the latest generation. Applying innovative recycling processes based on clean technology, we recover quality raw materials aimed at the manufacture of new consumer goods. The main metals obtained are:

  • Aluminium.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Copper.
  • Heavy metals: brass, bronze, zinc, zamak.

Quality certificates Deydesa 2000

  • Certificado
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  • The Integrated Management System Policy on quality and the environment is available to interested parties who request it.