We are an aluminium refinery dedicated to the supply of aluminium from secondary smelting. Our production facilities are based on the latest technology in aluminium refining for optimum use of the waste treated.

Our technical facilities are equipped with the latest technology, which enables us to provide solutions for a wide range of waste containing aluminium. Our production facilities are duplicated with the aim of guaranteeing the supply for our customers and to be able to satisfy the market's high demand for aluminium.

Founded in 2010, the Refial plant is the result of the incorporation of the most innovative treatment technology in the valorisation of aluminium.

Technological benefit

Our technological nature enables us to monitor the production of the plant at all times, implementing an advanced quality system that homogenises and guarantees the quality of the product obtained. Similarly, our organisational system enables us to be integrated into our customers' Just In Time systems.

We have access to high value raw materials through the other recycling companies that comprise the Otua Group. Thus, we ensure the supply and offer to our customers the best possible service.

Our value

The extraction of the raw material for aluminium is an activity that is specially intensive in scarce natural resources. By recycling aluminium we save around 95% of the energy required to renew it, avoiding greater atmospheric pollution.

Our filtering systems are equipped with LUEHR suction filters, to void the polluting gases caused by our activity. All of this brings us closer to zero environmental impact.


We manage a wide range of waste containing aluminium, even that with a minimal percentage of metal. The most common treatment methods are the following:

  • Aluminium sheet (taboo, taint/tabor)
  • Aluminium profiles.
  • Turnings.
  • Slag.
  • Foil.
  • Tense.

Raw materials obtained

Our latest generation refining systems enable us to adapt to the different specifications of the markets in which we operate:


Aluminium ingots

Our activity focuses on the production of aluminium alloys to any specification. The dimensions of the ingots supplied are standard (69 x 10 x 9 cm). The height and weight of the packets are made to the client's requirements.

Equivalences of aluminium alloys Download


Liquid aluminium

We offer the supply of liquid aluminium as a real effective alternative to ingots, providing a greater economic benefit for the customer.

The liquid metal is supplied in 2 special 6-tonne ladles, sealed and transported by lorry to the customer's facilities. The delivery distance limit is 250 km.


Aluminum hemispheres for the steel deoxidation

Quality certificates Refial

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  • The Integrated Management System Policy on quality and the environment is available to interested parties who request it.