About us

45 years of experience and a large productive capacity position us as one of the leading metal recycling companies in Europe.

We are an industrial group formed of eight companies and dedicated to Recycling, Distribution, and Research. Our strength lies in our productive capacity and the synergies generated between our companies, allowing us to provide a personalised and comprehensive service.

Our main driver is research and increased added value in all the sectors in which we operate. Through excellence in management we aim to be a leader in innovation and product quality.

We are growth oriented and continuous improvement is our main tool. We are constantly evolving, thanks to the incorporation of new technologies in our plants and our team of qualified professionals.


You win, the environment wins.

At Otua Group we work with the aim of offering leading products and services in our various corporate divisions: Recycling, Distribution and Research. Our commitment is focused on satisfaction the people around us, which include suppliers, customers and society itself.


We can help create a better world.

The people that make up the Otua Group aspire to develop innovative products and services that enable us to have zero environmental impact. Thus we want to lead a solid and profitable industrial project that helps care for the environment.


Global solutions to particular needs.

At the Otua Group, we offer integral solutions for recycling complex solid waste, processing both ferric and non-ferric materials Through the research and development of state-of-the-art technology, we are leaders in the recycling of non-ferric metals, thus generating raw materials ready for reuse.


Being unique make us different


Thanks to the incorporation of the latest technology in our industrial processing, we are leaders in all our areas, standing out in the recovery of metals.


Research is key for the development of new technology, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of our processes. For each new research project we undertake, we know that we are closer to achieving our objective of having zero environmental impact.


At the Otua Group we surround ourselves with professionals focused on our organisation's goals. Thus, we can be more competitive.

Customer orientation

As a family business with friendly service, at Otua Group we will work to determine the needs and expectations of our customers, making sure that we improve their satisfaction and fidelity constantly.


Our main asset is our team of workers. Therefore, we invest in their safety and training with the aim of improving every day.


We understand that leadership must have a strong, solid grounding. Therefore, we pursue short- and long-term profitability from our activity.

Respect for the environment

Through recycling we avoid releasing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and care for the natural resources of our planet.


Our business strategy is based on offering global, innovative and competitive solutions in all the areas in which we work: Recycling, Distribution and Research.

The synergy created between our companies gives rise to excellent service, with the objective of:

Customed solutions

Providing customised solutions for suppliers and customers with the backing of a solid group.

High quality technology

Taking advantage of the technological capabilities and producing high quality raw materials, products and services.


Avoiding problems of coordination and wasted time.

Integral service

Offering an integral, comprehensive service.

Making the most of opportunities

Taking advantage of opportunities for growth.

Sustainable evolution

Evolving in sustainable and profitable manner.


  • 1974

    Otua S.L, a family business devoted to recycling metals, created in 1974.

  • 1988

    In 1988 the business was diversified and the Otua Group incorporated distribution into its activity, first with Aceros Urola, specialising in cutting solid and perforated steel bars.

  • 1990

    In 1990 is incorporated Udom, a company that manufactures and market small electrical appliances for domestic use.

  • 2004

    With the objective of promoting the R&D+i model and incorporating added value into the business, in 2004 the Fundación Inatec, was set up, dedicated to research projects and processes in environmental matters. A starting point that implements technological innovation in all areas of the Otua Group.

  • 2010

    With the intention of continuing to foster added value and make use of the Group synergy, in 2010 Refial, was constituted, a refinery for secondary aluminium.

  • 2011

    A Year later, in 2011, Resal was founded, a company dedicated to the treatment and recovery of the salt slag.

  • 2013

    In 2013, the Otua Group acquired the Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Landfill in Igorre (Vizcaya). The acquisition of Vertedero Deydesa is a decisive step forward in the Otua Group’s expansion strategy, and we are now established as one of Europe’s leading metal recycling firms.


Quality is a strategic factor for the Otua Group and its management, key for business success.

The quality system concentrates on satisfying the needs of our surroundings, suppliers, customers and workers.

The management of the companies in the Group is based on models ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ensuring guarantees and quality service, at the same time as respecting the environment.

At the Otua Group we focus our daily work on the continuous improvement of our companies.